When it matters

Make more informed decisions

7 day forward, hyper local, AI driven demand predictions.  Better Decisions from Better Predictions

demand predictions embedded in to your process

For the shop owner

As a shop owner you'll make reliable decisions saving you time and money

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For the producer

Plan your operations, and even use it to  Suggest Orders to your customers

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For the developer

Quickly add AI forecasting in minutes through simple RESTful APIs.

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Stop not knowing

Discover how easy it is to forecast and avoid business disruption and missed opportunity.

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Do the right thing

Avoid necessary waste and losses in your business. Simply knowing more about what will happen helps you achieve sustainability goals

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Quickly add to your existing process and systems

No need to implement 'new'.  Add our predictions wherever makes sense.  Suggestions for ordering, likely sales, production caps etc.


/predictions API end-point gives you access to all your results.  Day by Day, Product by Product, Location by Location


/config and /data API end-points allow you to seemlessly manage your resulting predictions