Are you still using an MI suite … Why ?

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Excel was introduced in Sept 1985 and to give you an idea just much technology has moved on …. If you were born… you might have just VHS taped Live Aid !

Don’t get me wrong spreadsheets were a major step forward back then. Due to it’s introduction a few years later things such as statistical analysis also became possible. But now the larger corporations have taken another step forward and are leveraging AI to create their business insights and for good reason.

It can absorb significantly more data points and crunches the data to identify sales patterns that simply can’t be found via an MI suite (even for those ‘advanced’ level excel practitioners!).

Years of Internal data (at best this is what the MI suite had) and years of external data that was known to influence the business (weather, holidays, promotions, new competitors, Covid restrictions…) plus future looking external data that it knows may have an influence (given what it has learnt already).

Once learnt it then continuously learns and tests itself to refine its results on an ongoing basis … this thing never sleeps !

So if you want better business insights and more time to do other things ….find a AI Technologist, give them a salary of +£100k’s p.a. and wait 3-4 years for them to develop/test/refine an algorithm … alternatively just give us a call and let us plug you in for as little at £300 a month