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Having been a senior leader within large corporations over the last +30 years I can confidently say that I have seen my fair share of external software companies with amazing software.

The experience though always reminded me of being a child looking through a toy shop window and seeing the most amazing electronic game. The child (aka me) has the desire and the imagination to see how great it would be to have it. However, the path to happiness was always filled with challenges. It’s not near a birthday or Christmas (aka it’s not budget season), the parents are too busy doing other things (aka technology resources) and as a child, you can’t do it alone (aka need others to provide support).

In short, getting the toy was a dream or at best a long long road of being very good, helping out, saving pocket money, waiting for a birthday, Christmas or even both to realise the dream.

Thus, when we built our customer journeys at castAi we wanted to ensure no one needs to dream. So……

  • Would you like to know the future demand numbers for your business ?
  • Would you like to leverage beyond human capabilities and the latest technology?
  • Would you like to create it effortlessly?
  • Would you like to trial it with no cost or contracts?

… you are not dreaming…

All you need to do is…introduce us to whoever looks after your sales data.

Chances are we already known to them so it is probably only your agreement for us to use your historical sales data.

What happens next is where the magic happens.

Your sales data is mixed with various influencing data points that we collect independently for you and feed them into our AI Brain. This is where the magic begins as the Machine Learning leverages a whole range of AI models, from neural networks and random forests, through to association models and clusters. These work as a team to identify patterns within all this data (way beyond what is humanly possible even if you are a whizz as excel).

It then looks at future data points and uses its identified patterns to predict how your products will perform in the near future .

How it does it no one knows, it’s magic*, well it’s actually lots of complex data science but it might as well be magic!

What we can tell you though is that the AI brain continues to test and learn on its own and so performance levels just get even better and better as time goes on.

This magic number has numerous uses to supercharge business performance

  • Inventory mgt / release working capital
  • Production mgt / remove waste and increase sales
  • Logistic Mgt / optimize usage and reduce environmental impacts

So tell us who you would like us to contact and let us bring on the magic

*We are currently working with the Alan Turing Institute to see if and how we can bring to life how one of the influential data points (weather) is leveraged.

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