A single point of prediction endless possibilities to improve the supply chain

We have focused our Ai on the critical demand points to help your customers make better decisions.  

International Manufacturing ERP

Our client directly approached CatsAi to understand the power of our technology. Having provided linear predictions to their clients for many years and seeing the step change this technology brings our client engaged in a 1 month focused trial, constantly testing our results.  CatsAi consistently beat their existing predictions across a wide range of locations and business types.  

Through a white label arrangement their clients will get the CatsAi engine to drive their business covering over 500 underlying client locations and food manufacturers

Key Drivers for implementation

  • Production planning management

  • Inventory management

  • Working capital utilization

  • In-store stock management

  • Customer satisfaction (pre-emptive ordering)

  • Waste reductions

Nationwide Manufacturer

CatsAi was looking to test our solution on a grand scale. We were fortunate to be introduced to a €1bn turnover bakery based in Europe, who were interested in the advantages that Ai, and how best to implement in their production facilities.   


The Bakery was having issues managing their warehouse stock levels and coordinating the loading of their trucks.  With over 5000 points of sale and distribution, catsAi worked on a pilot over a period of a month and were able to evidence a 65% increase in accuracy compared to their traditional approaches to planning.  Translating this to use within existing processes was then the next challenge and from our experience, as complex change managers, we were able to guide the client through a series of process enhancements that supercharged their warehouse to logistics efficiency.  


The increased accuracy in knowing the order volumes of their retail units and distribution partners has translated into the client being able to confidently pre-load their trucks translating to labour saving, reduced errors in peak time loading, and pre-planning in inventory management from manufacturing warehouses to distribution warehouses.

Key drivers for implementation:

  • Labour Savings

  • Reduced Peak loading

  • Efficient truck dispatch 

  • Retail units receiving stock more accurately and timely translating to sales

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