Our brain just got even better… Come and try to beat us!

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catsAi – the Demand Prediction-as-a-service for sales demand predictions in supply chains

After 5 months of designing, researching, building and testing catsAi are pleased to announce that we have successfully delivered our next version of our Brain. We call it our Brain is it takes all the hassle of sales planning and demand forecasting away from operations teams. Think of it as an extra set of eyes to validate, check, and even drive your business as we’ve found in some cases with clients.

Our Brain takes on a whole new level of accuracy. We’re able to outperform traditional approaches to sales planning and demand forecasting by up to 80%.

The new Brain also allows our clients and those that want to try us, a fast onboarding process. We are now able to provide a major manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler accurate sales/order/demand predictions in under 4hours, from receiving the data, to providing results. Normally implementing any form of Artificial Intelligence takes months to configure and then an army of data scientists to validate – our new Brain does all this, enabling our clients to benefit quickly from accurate predictions based on high street level sales

We’d like to say thank you and well done to the team. We know this was hard work, but our clients appreciate the dedication and focus shown.

If you are in food manufacturing, food retail, wholesale or restaurants and want to immediately see benefits from improving your forecasts we’re happy to help.

If you think you can beat our predictions, then we’d like to take on the challenge. Drop us a line and we can happily talk about a free experiment of our “plugin:predict” solution for the supply chain.

Contacts : Paul @catsai.co.uk, Stuart@catsai.co.uk