Our New Way – Is cheaper and more powerful

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Announcing our ‘Our New Way’

The catsAi board is delighted to announce that following the release of our new and enhanced infrastructure our retrofit demand forecasting API plug-in can now do even more for significantly less. Thus, ‘our new way’ is further reducing the cost of AI for our existing and new enterprise scale clients.

Best of all …not only is it cheaper to run but it now also benefits from a boost in performance..

  • Deployment in days – for a few days of development your existing systems can be AI super-charged
  • Faster learner – We now need less historical data to become more accurate than a human. In the future this will enable us to support product launch demand
  • Upgraded weather analysis – thanks to cutting edge research we sponsored with the Alan Turing Institute.
  • Even better local influencing factors in a changing world with upgraded COVID and local competitor data feeds
  • Improved promotional influence performance. In the future this will enable us to define the optimum promotional times

Our vision has always been about giving the power of AI to everyone. It’s why we designed a retrofit API plug-in that sits alongside any existing applications.

Do you wonder what AI demand forecasting can practically do for your business?

Get in contact and let’s see if we can help you do more (www.catsAi.co.uk).

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