Press release – Jane Milton joins catsai

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CatsAi – hyper local AI Based Demand Forecasting as a service. Topic: Industry Leader Jane Milton joins Catsai as board advisor.

Category: People CatsAi, the quick to use, accurate and hyper local artificial intelligence demand prediction solution has appointed Jane Milton as an industry expert and board advisor. CatsAi creates hyper-local demand predictions for retail businesses across the UK and worldwide, using AI. Crafted with over 70,000 bakery and FnB outlets around the world, it helps businesses reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve their customer’s experience. Anyone in need of sales forecasts at SKU and store level can get accuracy in next to no time. In a new world of AI, the old methods of excel and ERP’s are rapidly being left behind.

As the world’s first AI Demand Prediction as a service anyone can access this cutting edge technology within hours and without overhauling their systems. Jane is one of the UK’s leading food industry experts with over 30 years experience gained from senior positions at Greggs and was a previous Board Member of Raynor Foods and Cali Burger. Jane will be helping CatsAi with its continued growth both in retail bakery but also wider fresh food retail both in the UK and internationally. CatsAI CEO Stephen Kinns said, “CatsAi are thrilled to have Jane join our team as an unquestionable industry leader and board advisor.

From our very first conversation we knew it was going to be a sparkling relationship. Jane instantly understood what we did, the challenges we solved, and the tremendous benefits we quickly bring to the food industry.” CatsAi is helping FnB firms from regional producers to those with 10000 or more locations of sale understand what their sales will be in a matter of hours with no human interaction and with accuracy 80% greater than humans and traditional systems.

They are helping all sizes of firms, and food processors access the power of AI without any need for technology skills and with the simplicity of uploading a file. Democratising AI to benefit the food industry is what they call their mission. “It’s a really exciting time for me to join the team at CatsAi. I was hugely impressed by the level of accuracy their algorithms provide their retail clients, without them needing to spend huge amounts of time feeding data into CatsAI’s platform. The team at CatsAI are small, and I love their drive and enthusiasm and how personable they are….they speak plain non-techy English, so they are really easy to deal with! ” Said Jane Milton.